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Climate Protection


Climate protection projects generally require a high level of financial commitment. Project founders, investors, owners and operators of climate protection projects are looking for neutral expert opinions, apart from the interests of the few large companies that dominate the emissions market. Nevalis strategy offers advice on climate protection projects free from conflicts of interest.

Our core competencies include the deep understanding and knowledge about the topic of climate protection and the required reliability. We attach particular importance to personal and individual cooperation with the decision-makers. For this, we would first like to get to know their company and their climate protection project on site. We create an individual concept for your climate protection project.

By entrusting us with these tasks, you give us a lot of confidence. We appreciate this trust and take a lot of time to carry out a careful and comprehensive analysis and the implementation of all measures. After all, nothing is more important for the success of your project, than a committed team and a well thought-out strategy with the practical implementation on site.
Business and technical project consulting JI / CDM

Vagabo develops and implements climate protection projects for its customers under the Kyoto Joint Mechanisms Joint Implementation (JI) and Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Extract from our climate protection project portfolio:

Energy efficiency,
Renewable energy,
Advanced environmental technologies,
Gas networks,
Methane avoidance.
Support from A-Z

Vagabo accompanies you as a customer with economic and technical expertise through the entire value chain, from the development through the implementation of the climate protection project to the utilization of emission allowances.

Our clients include well-known companies, investors and project companies. We work internationally (Western and Central Europe, Latin America).

Our consultants are trained specialists - business economists and environmental engineers - who cover all areas of project processing (applications, documentation, project implementation for Joint Implementation and Clean Development Mechanism). Our environmental engineers have many years of experience in many areas of pollutant and emission control and are internationally recognized.
Climate protection projects reduce harmful emissions and combat climate change, protect the environment and create jobs. Technology transfer promotes sustainable development in the so-called developing countries.

The emissions market is highly complex and presents numerous risks - economically, legally and politically. We navigate our customers safely through all shoals and create long-term value growth.

Our customers are as diverse as our performance portfolio. Our customer list includes project founders, investors, owners and operators of climate protection projects, who want to increase the profitability of their climate protection projects. We create value for our customers. The success of our customers is the basis of our own success!

Our services cover the entire JI / CDM project cycle:

  • Analysis project portfolio

  • Estimation for saving greenhouse gas emissions
  • Selection, testing, risk analysis
  • Project Design Documents according to the relevant UNFCC
  • Feasibility study (costs, income and risks)  

  • Baseline setting, monitoring

  • Project Idea Note (PIN)  

  • Determination  

  • Validation

  • Profitability analysis, investment optimization  

  • Verification of saved greenhouse gas emissions

  • Selection of optimal technical equipment  

  • Issue of emission allowances (CERs / ERUs)

  • Project development  

  • Project management, project management

  • Business plan, project company


Kemp House, 152-160 City Road
London, EC1V 2NX
Representive Office
Berlin - Germany
Phone:  +49 30 280 44 839
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Representive Office
Berlin - Germany
Phone:  +49 30 280 44 839
Fax:     +49 30 280 45 581
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